Incredibly Unlucky People Who Broke Some Very Expensive Objects

As Hannah Montana once said, “Everybody makes mistakes; everybody has those days, nobody’s perfect.” Mistakes are lessons that everyone has to learn, but some of them can be very costly.

Porsche Vs. Tesla
The rule of the road is that the person who hits a car from behind is at fault. Even if the driver stopped short for no reason, the rear-ender has to pay for the damages. In this case, those damages are going to be quite costly.
The people thought this is how you create a new kind of electric car, but they didn’t learn that cars don’t reproduce like humans. Some things can’t happen the “natural” way.

Thanks For The Warning
We hope their insurance covers that. The tire is completely folded under the car, and the system has the audacity to give the drive a calm warning about low tire pressure.
For the first time in history, the tire pressure warning is accurate. Most of the time, the light goes on, and the tire pressure is fine. It gives you a scare, so you pull over only to find out everything is fine.

One Car Was Jealous Of The Other One
The BMW was jealous that so many people were drooling over the McLaren, and it decided to crash out of pure rage. Cars have feelings too, as we have seen in movies such as Transformers and Cars​.
Not only does this person have to pay for the repairs on their expensive BMW, but they also have to pay for damages to the dealership and the car that costs a few hundred thousand dollars.

If You Crash During A Test Drive, You Shouldn’t Own That Car
This person test drove a $300,000 Porsche and crashed it. Is there a policy if you break it you have to buy it? Some people don’t know how to handle these powerful cars on the road, so they shouldn’t be able to test drive it.
Most high-end dealerships ask for ID and proof of insurance for this exact reason. If you can’t pay for the car, you can’t get in one to test drive.

Did It Hit An Iceberg?
This $70 million yacht capsized in a port in Greece, and our first thought was that someone let Jordan Belfort dock it while he was on quaaludes. If you can afford a yacht at that price, you can probably afford another one.
If only there were a way to save the boat in this situation. We can only imagine how beautiful the inside looks on a yacht in that price range.

This Is Where Our Tax Dollars Go
If people were scared to tell their bosses about the damage they caused, imagine how a soldier would feel telling their Sergeant that they cost the army millions of dollars. How does something like this happen?
What would make the driver swerve so that the convoy land flat upside-down? He must have been texting and driving. That is the only reasonable explanation.

Why Crash One, When You Can Crash Two
If insurance companies had nightmares, this is what they would look like. “Hi, I crashed my Lamborghini into another Lamborghini.” Any insurance agent would be sweating after hearing that sentence.
It looks like Bumblebee from Transformers was roughhousing with his clone, and they got a little too aggressive, so they turned back into cars and waited for someone to help.

“Sorry Folks, We Are Going To Have To Deplane, There Was A Minor Accident.”
As you are settling into your seat and getting ready for your first plane ride in over a year, you hear the captain start to make an announcement. “Unfortunately, there is an issue with the luggage, and we are experiencing some delays today.”
How does a luggage truck cause this much damage to a plane engine of that size? That would cost millions of dollars to repair, and the only excuse the driver can give is, “there was a blind spot.”

“Well, Now What?”
Someone forgot to lower the dump on the truck, and by someone, we mean the man staring in awe at the damage. Now the lifted bed is the only thing holding this building in place, way to go Paul.
It must feel horrible to have to call your boss and say, “Hi, I have a problem. I broke the building.” His boss would probably start laughing because he thought it was a joke until he saw the damage.

How Will They Get Back To The Future?!
With extensive damage to the DeLorean, Doc and Marty are going to be stuck in the past, and the space-time continuum is disrupted forever. Doc should have realized that the engine could overheat with 1.21 gigawatts of electricity pumping through it.
The flux capacitor got too hot because Marty and Doc were traveling to and from the future so often, so it exploded. It is going to take months for this to be fixed.

Money Cannot Be Sanitized In The Microwave
Someone thought it would be a good idea to put their money in the microwave so they could disinfect it. Instead of clean money, they melted $5,000 Canadian. There is a reason they call it money laundering and not money microwaving.
Canadian notes are plastic, so whoever did this did not understand that plastic melts when it is heated. Why wouldn’t they think to clean it with soap and water first? Corona makes you do dumb things.

“Who Is Going To Tell The Boss?”
What is yellow and can’t swim? An excavator. Why can’t it swim, you ask? It only has one arm. It seems that whenever there is a disaster scene, there are always a few men standing around staring in disbelief.
If only they had a machine that could dig this out…oh wait. If they send a second excavator in to rescue it, it will probably get stuck as well.

The Slide Is Supposed To Be Opened Outside, Right?
The slide that is supposed to be deployed once the door opens was accidentally inflated inside the plane. Each time one of these is used, it costs $25,000. Thankfully no one was on the plane, or the airline would have lost more money to refund all their tickets.
Something sharp would be useful to pop this, but TSA took all the tweezers and nail scissors away. Of all the ways you think you could die on a plane, suffocating under an adult bounce house is probably not one of them.

Every Alcoholics Nightmare
We don’t even want to know how much money was lost when this entire shelf of wine came crashing to the ground, leaving what looks like a crime scene behind. The guy couldn’t decide if he should risk being crushed by the bottles or let it continue to fall.
The dog also looks very concerned about the loss of wine. This is a prime example of why you do not go with the cheaper contractor because the rack wasn’t anchored well enough, and it fell off the wall.

30 Gaming Systems and 2,000 Games Destroyed In A Fire
After building the perfect man cave with 30 gaming systems and over 2,000 games, the room was destroyed in a house fire. How does a man mourn the loss of not only his favorite room in the house but also an entire collection of video games?
For anyone who has a nice gaming room in their house with high-value items, make sure you get it insured so that you can try to get everything brand new. Even though there were probably items that cannot be replaced, at least he could have gotten money for it to buy something else.

Don’t Leave A Large Dog In The Garage With Your Porsche
In some cases, Karma takes control, and you get what you deserve. This person kept their dog in the garage with the Porsche. The dog did not like being cooped up, so it started biting and scratching the side of the car.
You shouldn’t leave a dog locked in a garage because it can get too hot, and there is not enough room for it to walk around. The Porsche became the world’s most expensive chew toy.

What The Hail?
While this one is not a user mistake, we can still blame mother nature for ruining these solar panels. The renewable energy needs renewing now. Hopefully, they had insurance to cover hail storm damage for the panels.
It looks like nature is starting to fight back. Mother nature said, “you think you can use my sunlight and turn it into energy for free? Oh hail no!” She was furious, even though renewable energy is better for the environment.

That’s $5 Million Down The Drain
Someone at the hospital made a very costly mistake. The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine is one giant and powerful magnet, which is why you cannot wear any metal when you enter the room with the machine.
The hospital employee must have forgotten about the magnetic factor and brought a metal table into the room with the MRI. The cart got stuck to the machine, and $5 million was lost because of a very simple mistake. There are definitely signs outside the door that say, “no metal allowed,” so the person has no excuse for this problem.

Are Those Neon Whales Or The Aftermath Of A Train Derailment?
In 2014, a train was carrying the cabins of Boeing planes when it derailed and sent the plane parts into the river below. Imagine you are white water rafting with your family, and suddenly planes start sliding into the river, that would be terrifying.

A Rock’n Boat
This crash is the accurate depiction of how someone looks going out Saturday night versus what they look like waking up Sunday morning. This boat must have been going exceptionally fast for the lifeboat to change color after the crash.

This Car Used Was Worth $1.5 Million, Keyword: Was
This classic Aston Martin used to be worth $1.5 Million, but after this damage, it is not worth nearly as much. Q is going to be pissed at Bond for wrecking a very expensive car.

Burning Money Would Be Less Expensive
The person in the corner filing the report must be writing, “Red car one was hit by red car two as it drove into the middle lane and hit red car three into the safety rail.” Those three Ferarri’s are totaled, and over $300,000 just went down the drain.

“Oh, The Landslide Will Bring It Down”
There was a landslide on a highway in Taiwan in 2010, and this was the aftermath. It looks like its time to film a Jeep commercial. “Late to work? Not if you have a Jeep.”

Houston, We Have A Problem
A technician “accidentally” fired a Vulcan Cannon and wrecked this F-16 that was sitting on the runway. Luckily no one was inside or injured, but that is an expensive mistake to make.

Don’t Forget To Tip Your Server
This server tipped over, and all we can say is rest in pieces, you had one heck of a RAM. Can you imagine how expensive these are to fix? People probably had so many computer issues because of this.

Sorry To Inform You, But Your Internet Access Will Not Be Restored Until 2021
These construction workers were drilling and got everything tangled with some underground wires. The neighborhood residents were probably so pissed when their internet suddenly stopped working.

Now They Have A Split-Level
We doubt duct tape or super-glue will fix this problem. This crane split the roof in half in Florida, and someone is definitely losing their job over it.

This Is What Happens When Your Car Is Shaped Like A Door Stop
If you have ever wondered why you shouldn’t tailgate someone, this picture should be a good explanation. The expensive sports car was driving too close to the school bus, and when the bus stopped short, the small car went right under the back of the bus.

Sinking Boats N’ Hoes
When you want your insurance adjuster to pay more attention to your claim, you put girls in bikinis on the sinking boat. Why would anyone think that it is a good time to get an Instagram photo while the ship is sinking?

When You Park On Top Of The Hidden Garage
You would think there would be a safety measure installed so that the garage wouldn’t rise if an object were on top. These things are so expensive, so why not charge a little more for an important safety measure?

How Do You Tell Your Boss You Broke A $290 Million Satellite?
No matter how big of a mistake you make, just remember you never have to tell your boss that you broke a Noaa-N Prime Satellite before it could leave the shop floor. How do you even explain that to your boss?